Saturday, February 28, 2009

Peace is in our minds....

Today has certainly been an eventful day fr me..started like an unusual saturday as i gt up quite early n ready to campus!! well, mainly because i attended a very interesting interfaith dialogue in regards to the concept of god based on holy scriptures..

So the event had like 4 reps of different religions; islam, christianity, buddhism and hindu.. ive never been to any dialogues concerning topic like comparitive religions so i was really lookin forward to this dialogue...the dialogue went smoothly without any hot debates or any tense moments really..figured cz it was more of a peaceful dialogue n nt a went there with an open mind n i personally just wanted to know wat other religions were offering..

at the end of the day, the message that i gt across was this... no matter wat differences uve gt, rejoice the similarities and do not disagree on the differences..we should embrace one another to ensure harmony and solidarity.. wahhh, ayat very da rukun negara..haha...

n im sure all of us in many facets of our lives have done soul searching rite? there must b a moment wen u think of god n all of the wellness uve gt in ur life n who sustains them? n tday, after listening to the arguments and points made during the dialogue..all of the other religions share the same divine source of power which was Allah the Almighty..

wat i have understood was that, Allah is the creator of this world who has originated creations at the first place.. n given the freedom for us to think n decide wisely based on our intellect..   lets say we humans were the creator, wud u b giving your creations the freedom to do watever it wants? including bein rebellious n goin against you a sthe creator? would u love that? i dont think i personally wud favor that..i f i were to create something,i'd make sure my creation wud do as i say..wud follow me n never to object me by any means...

But Allah the Merciful God has given us the intellectual aspect of our minds to actually choose to obey or disobey him..isnt He great? n so patient? imagine how many humans that he created have gone astray, have been disloyal to his commands...n yet He continues to create more of our kind every second of our everyday lives? if i were the creator, i would STOP!!!!! y wud i need so much trouble of wanting to care abt organism that cause me trouble? that destroys my earth? my other creations in fact!! 

Using our logical minds, it is proven that u don't need to b that smart to cherish your life by fulfilling wat Allah wants..he's given us the guidance in the Quran of the do's n don' often we use our intellectuality to cause chaos an catastrophe along our journey in the middle earth... y must we do this? y must we disobey our creator who actually knws the fact that we can be so injustice in embracing him n yet he brought us to life?? i must say that it touched me in many ways by asking myself all these... i feel so much closer to him by lookin at my sins...n yet he still sustains my lifespan..yet i have the materials that i demand..i still pass my exam..i still have my parents n my family... n for such a sinful idiot like me to have all these wonderful things in life, is it fair??? OBVIOUSLY THE ANSWER IS NO!!! but Allah still loves me... flourish my life with love and all the things i need along the way.... n yet ive been ungrateful to him in many ways... 

Mankind has been ungrateful, as to alter Allah's revelations.. n that is why today we have religions claiming to have 330million mirrors of Allah's form as preserved in statues... to have a religion that states Allah has a son? n his son is God that is similar to Allah? n yet the son prays to Allah eventho he's god? does this make any sense? 

buddhism seem to b a nice religion which inculcate oneself to reach the Buddha level internally..n how do u reach this? by having such a purified way of thinking n always associating peace, cooperation n justice in our judgments thay may affect us n others... as tranquil as it may sound.. this religion does not cover every aspect of our lives...wat abt other issues like marriage? business and others? is there any guidance in those other things? islam on the other hand covers all aspect of our it in morality just like reaching buddha or science to that matter... 

at the end of the day, i have truly found the place where my physical and emotional soul should be attached to...which is to embrace Allah and stay loyal to Islamic teachings.....

Friday, February 27, 2009

Ipin Upin n Oscar's best dressed?

Heyaaaa...just 2 days ago i saw Upin Ipin the movie...hehe..yeah, i saw a malay movie at the cinema...n i wasnt dissapointed at all!!!!!!! truly one of the best malay movie ever produced..n its animated mind u!!!

in case u have never heard of upin ipin,which i find impossible since everyone in my batch knows..these twin brothers r da cutest babies ever brought to life on TV...malaysian tv of course...they're so cute that u wanna spank their asses! wat a pedo..haha..

neways,its clever that the creator came up with few episodes airing on malaysian tv before they released the that way,they somehow induce the malaysia audiences' excitement n interest in watching the movie,which was of diff plot than the series..

to my surprise, i was filled wit laughter, touching moments n suspense throughout the movie..the plot was arranged in such a systematic n smooth direction! n i was just amazed at how malaysia is able to produce an animated film with such dramatic improvements!! n yes im comparing ipin upin the movie with other non animated malay movie plots!! it was worth my rm7!!!

oscar has passed n of course fashion police was on radar! marisa tomei is my pick for best the origami inspired silver one shouldered dress...versace atelier came up with such a gorgie dress.. lovin the pleated dress! i wonder how many hours they spent to pleat the fabric! haha...

MACBooK !! my new cherry pie!!

heyloooo.... yeap, i just gt my brand new macbook last week n been using it fr a week nw..hehe.. n im one satisfied customer! i'm no tech whiz bt i'll try my best to review it!hehe

well i gt myself a silver 13 inch macbook,n it looks hawt ya'll!!! haha...the sleek design n flatness surely is fabulous!!

what i love most bt macbook?

-flat screen

-glossy screen

-alumunium covering that's truly amazing

-it's lightness,its merely 2 kg

-its amazingly nice graphics,comes with nvidia 9400

-it's fast loading interface...everythings fast..considering its 2.0Ghz intel n 3Gb ram DDR3

-love the sound quality

-it's cute lil keyboard n ergonomic touchpad!! u can use up to 3 fingers to readily interchange the cursor's functions n features.

-it's utilities r nice too

-apple somehows induces u to become a more creative person by havin garageband(compose songs) n many more features such as iphoto n mcm2 lg..hehe..xhbs lg explore!
what i dislike bt macbook?
-susah sgt nak cari cd nak main game for mac os!! bt i can always install windows n have two os..hehe

to conclude? zero cons!! all pros! haha...macbook is great if ur finding something thats of high quality, zero virus n practical!!

the saying that once u go mac,u'll b forver mac is so so so true!!!

Back from the dead!!!

heya..been ages since i last updated my blog!! haha..been really bz

n so many things have happened fro the past 2 weeks or so...well i had my exams,most difficult block ever...usually most ppl wud say endocrine block wudnt b much of hurdle,bt surely mine was a bumpy one !exam wise la!!!

ever felt shitty after doin sumthin n feel like u really wanna cry?? i did for my end block exm!!!after the first day of exam, i woke up the next day like frickin early in da morning n having PALPITATION!!!!

yesssss ppl, my heart was thumping rite out of my chest n i felt so horrible..didnt manage to answer 2 essay questions n 2 short notes!! was such a bizarre perfomance! the questions surely were nt of basic knowledge bt in depth!! esp pharmaco..damn,was cursing da paper the whole day!!

thankfully i did pass my exam..the feeling after knowing my results was better than orgasm ya'll!!! ahaha...

i'd have to thank ALLAH for all of his blessings! he continuesly provides me with the best things in life eventho sometimes i may have forgotten him in a few ocassions! how ungrateful i am as his servant..truly pity myself..

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So many craziness goin on!

heya, been quit a while since i last updated my blog...
last week been bz wit exams..n my exam kinda sucked really..nt sre if i can get a clear pass...prayin hard for that currently...

im actually suppose to b on hols rite nw, bt nt exactly havin much leisure time as this week i'm filled wit discussions wit my study grup mates... had to start revision early fr my upcomin Professional Exam in May...

ive gt so much to tell bt so limited time to blog..perhaps i'll blog as soon as i get my new MACBOOK this weekend huh? hheheh..........

till then..ciaoz!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Super trouper!!!

hey all...i don't know y bt i'm really in a good mood today..n yesss,feelin so ABBA....hahaha

been listening to Mamma Mia's soundtrack..n lovin it!!! a lot!!! meryl streep is fabulous!!!!!!!!! she's truly a multitalented actress..her dancing, singing and acting capabilities r showcased wonderfully in Mamma Mia.... bt still her bitch-slap performance in devil wears prada is the most captivating ever!

haha....listening to my IPOD has never been so mood elevating ya'll!! honestly, wenever i tune in mix fm or light n easy while im driving..i happen to knw most of da oldies bein played on the radio..d thing is i dont recall knowing the artists nor the title of the songs!! i'm pretty sure wen i was a kid my sisters must have been listenin to lots of music n singing along wit me..hahah..

tp bile besa dah tak ingt kan?? chorus je yg ingt..haha..funny..missin mooze lar,we're always dancin n singin along in da car everytime old song r played!!!

so here's a video of meryl singin ABBA's super trouper, enjoy!!

Monday, January 26, 2009


semasa zaman kebutaan.....ohh malu....

i'm officially a lazy beeeeyotch ryte nw...haha...suppose to b studyin fr my end block xm,instead im here bloggin wit blurry vision.......

just last week i had LASIK done on my eyes...wit 2 other frens, rahim n jonny.. do enjoy this chronological picture post!!


kenapekah aku kelihatan seperti seorang nurse?hahaha...n jon seems 2 b in a coma...rahim tgh sebok chatting ngn Mr.Lim(tauke sarang burung yg suke berburu binatang yg wat LASIK dgn kiteorang) so xsmpt amik gmbr rahim...

AFTER LASIKkami menjadi ultraman sekejap~


wearing hot shades baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahaha...note: jon pose semata2,spek tu die tak beli lagi..ade price tag!!!rahim pinjam sunglass matpet..hikhik...

p/s mak rahim ade berpesan, dah ade vision baru jgn tgk bende tak elok.....jagalah penglihatan anda!!!sesungguhnya mata itu anugerah ALLAH yg priceless...